Alluria Youth Surge, over time test

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Alluria Youth Surge, over time test

Youth Surge is my first wrinkle cream, or rather, my first decelerating time cream on my skin. I think it sounds much better, right?

Thus, the term "slowdown" is like Alluria presents this new anti-aging product, I've been using for nearly two months. Turtle image (which, incidentally, is called Maxine) power that lack of haste age.

I've been meaning to tell you my experience with this cream, but I have been lengthening the time to do so until we have concrete results and an opinion based on a period of more or less consistent use.

What drives this cream?

Youth Surge is based on seven pillars that slow the accumulation of skin damage. Moment. I rely on the two most important. The first enhance the functioning of sirtuins (I recommend Isabel's article on the subject) through a chain of molecules isonicotinamide. This means that this molecule helps collagen production and preserves that are already in our skin.

The second pillar that caught my attention the anti-glycation. Glycation means there are metabolized sugars incorrectly and adhere to elastin and collagen in the skin, causing wrinkles and sagging. Through another molecule, Carnosita decarboxylase (no comments to this curious name ...) is incorrect metabolization is prevented.

These two features are those that have attracted my attention, but there are other five, more known, as are the inclusion in the product formulation of antioxidants (vitamin C and E), protection (UVA and UVB) rays, moisturizing agents, agents stimulating collagen and elastin, and protecting against environmental aggressions.

Like all Alluria treatment products, there are several formulas to suit the skin type, here are three (mixed dry and fat) and not four as in the Three-Step System.

My experience


After the technical commentary on leading this cream (never hurts to know these little things), step will detail my perception about this product. I started using while the three-step system. The version that was recommended to me was the combination skin.

Not that I have wrinkles, but I have late twenties now, and do notice in my skin lines I do not like anything. They are between the eyebrows (to get angry), a little on the eye contour (laughing) and some also around the lips (smoking).

Anyway, it was time to think, seriously, in a treatment product for these things. I tried it for two months, day and night, and the first one noticed absolutely nothing about the lines. It is a super light cream, very rapidly absorbed, non-greasy, contains no fragrances and moisturizes enough and leaves you with a comforting skin elasticity. All this is not enough, but my lines were still there.

In the second month, gradually, yes I have noticed a visible reduction in the finer lines were the eyes and mouth. And some also in frown. I do not know if this progression will continue in the third month, hopefully.

I guess my inexperience in this type of creams made me think that this would work very fast, but it clearly takes time. A month ago I was not happy with the cream and now, but I think there are things that are missing, such as something more than sun protection factor, it only takes 15 and I think very little.

Another thing that does not convince me is the operation of this wrinkle cream really, more severe and marked. This cream may help delay the onset of wrinkles, but may not be truly effective if you already have them.

Perhaps for that reason there is no treatment more specific night to fight those wrinkles, and just the same product is used morning and night.

The conclusion I reach is a bit ambiguous. On the one hand I used to to apply a cream treatment morning and night, I see my skin better, something smoother and with those smooth lines, but do not know if I would have expected something more than a "fountain of youth" that promises everything above and it costs 57 euros.