La proteína que lucha contra el envejecimiento, sin pactar con el diablo

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La proteína que lucha contra el envejecimiento, sin pactar con el diablo

Can you imagine appear twenty years younger without pacts with the devil no pictures to age for us? With the protein against aging possible.

It is true that there are already many creams and other treatments that promise miraculous stretch wrinkles, shine and softness to the skin and even falsificarte date of birth DNI if necessary; but the truth is that while some are successful, they still leave much to be desired.

For this reason, scientists are still looking for some metabolic key to help us reverse the effects of aging on the skin. Specifically, a group of researchers from the University of New Castle, in the UK, appears to be on track, as they have discovered a group of enzymes involved in providing energy to the cells of the dermis, whose effects deteriorate age.

Anti-aging protein

Anti aging protein

As you know, as our body ages, the cells deteriorate and, therefore, decreases bioenergy and increases the production of free radicals. This has different effects in different parts of the body, but the skin is manifested by the appearance of wrinkles and sagging increase.

A group of key enzymes in the production of bioenergy

Production of bioenergy

If one of the events leading to skin aging is the loss of bioenergy, it is clear that the enzymes involved in bioenergetic processes, can be a great target to address this problem.

Therefore, these scientists investigated the complex II, a group of enzymes contained in mitochondria, which are the cell organelle responsible for energy production. By studying an area of ​​the skin from the sun protected volunteers from six to seventy-two years, they found that as age increased, significantly reduced the acitividad of this enzyme complex.

What can help this discovery?

This discovery could lead to the production of drugs and creams to restore the activity of these enzymes. If this is consiguiese could reduce the signs of aging to a large extent. In addition, these scientists are optimistic and believe that further research could find a way to slow the aging also in other organs, with consequent improvement that entails for our lifespan.

Do you remember that video that became viral recently two twins and their mother where nobody knew who was who? Well thanks to these treatments, perhaps in the future such videos would not be something so atypical. Would not that be great?